Do you compete or complement your partner?

 man-and-woman- competitive  dancing on the beach

The president has a vice-president.  The driver has a passenger. The leader has a follower. Just like the dance of tango neither competes. Tango partners complement and support each other during a dance of fun and sensuality.

The relationship between men and women is like tango, they complement and support each other bringing their unique qualities. He is the leader and she is the follower demonstrating interaction of masculine and feminine energy.

Two magnets of opposite attract to create a connection. Two magnates of like  energy repel and crash creating disharmony and chaos. It is important for partners to complement each other to harmonize and balance.

Since women’s liberation we have seen that  women are striving for equality with men. Women feel that their feminine energy is no enough to succeed. At that time women felt in order to succeed they needed to use their masculine energy to compete, control and conquer to strengthen their position. Studies has shown that women are smarter than men, they can do better and move mountains if they want.

Complementing with your partner creates a harmonious relationship. A woman needs to learn how to unleash and embrace her natural feminine energy. Following and supporting your partner’s lead allows you to be receptive, sensitive, fun and supportive. This interaction complements each other to have a balanced relationship.

Appreciating the masculine energy of your partner will allow you to be a powerful feminine woman that is happy and cherished by your partner.

Remind yourself to leave your masculine energy at the office and shift into your beautiful feminine energy.

Rather than relying on one energy to take you to your goal we need to learn how to use and manage the energies for the situation or relationship we want to achieve.

Remember that equality repels and complementing allows the flow.



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