4 Traits of a masculine man women admire

Confident man“Admiration is the food of a man’s soul.”

Women are more attracted to a man who exhibits traditional masculine traits. These traits will help any man to be more attractive to women.

1. Confidence

A confident man demonstrates quiet inner strength, surety, and reliability. His posture and body language communicate a strong personal presence. He does what he wants regardless of the outcome and other people’s opinions. He takes responsibility for his actions and doesn’t blame others.

2. Leadership

A man who is a leader has his head on his shoulders. He can make his own decisions and has a view for his own future and purpose. He leads with charisma and self-assurance and makes decisions quickly. He is also ambitious, with ambition is usually creative and business like in his approach, he is always chasing his dreams and walking his own path. A woman likes ambition because secretly she values a man who has a life to live and one where he is looking to achieved.

3. Protect and provide

This a natural trait for a man. He wants to protect and provide for his family and anyone who is being unfairly attacked. This strong desire in a man to protect and provide is just like the strong mothering instinct women have for her children.

4. Gentleman

Being a gentleman does not depend on the social standing of a man. It is his behavior, which makes him a gentleman. He is someone who does not take an undue advantage of his power or the weaknesses of those around him. He treats a woman like a lady. He is protective, open doors, compliment and he is real with them.


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