Never Date without displaying your Femininity

women-in-red-dressMen are drawn to feminine charm so overwhelm their senses by looking good, smelling good and feeling good. Men are visual creatures and you must trigger his attention by tantalizing him his eyes.

Marcia’s Take it up a Notch

1.    Put your High Heels on
Accentuate your figure and show off curves. Dressing more feminine requires special attention to body, shape, clothing style and color. Wear bright colors that you like and make you feel comfortable. Stay away from dark colors stand out amongst the crowd.
Stimulate wearing a flowing dress and high heels. High Heels enhance your femininity. Even if you prefer jeans, spice it up a colorful soft material top or scarf and  accessories don’t forget to wear high heels.

2.    Enhance what you Got
Wearing makeup will enhance your features; eyes, lashes, lips and cheekbones. Even if you are not use to wearing makeup apply subtlety to brighten up your face with a healthy glow.

3.    Must do Hair do
Make sure your hair is clean, styled and soft to the touch. If you have long hair, wear it down flowing around your shoulders. If you hair is short smooth it out and let it be loose.

4.    Engage his look
Show interest and flirt maintaining eye contact for 5 seconds and smile. You’re just letting him know you are pursuable (up for the hunt) and will make it safe for him to approach you.

5.    Flow as you Go
Guys get nervous when approaching a woman, so he will probably say something that doesn’t make sense. Gently flow with the conversation anyway. Use humor to break the ice and give yourselves an opportunity to connect.


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