Complement Feminine Energy with your Power-up Masculine Energy

self-help graphicTestosterone is the principal sex hormone in humans. Males produce 10 times more than females. This 10 times more produces a Masculine Energy naturally thrive control, conquer and compete. Testosterone also influences the masculine energy to make money, seek power and achieve prestige.

Ten Commandments of Masculine Energy

1.    Take ownership of your leadership and lead

2.    Make decisions for good or for worse

3.    Take action towards your wants and ideas

4.    Approach and pursue the woman you want

5.    Court her to win her heart

6.    Ask a woman about her feelings not her thoughts

7.    Cherish your woman’s feelings before your own

8.    Give generously  and protect her

9.    Maintain your commitments to the best of your ability

10.    Act in a disciplined manner, physically, mentally and emotionally


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