Common Mistakes Women Make That Wound Men’s Sensitive Pride

Woman critizing a man

Men are sensitive beings who require as much validation as women. Avoid damaging comments that wounds his pride.

  1. Criticizing his weaknesses
  2. Speaking angrily when he fails in a masculine area of responsibility
  3. Disagreeing with him on masculine matters
  4. Pouring cold water in his ideas
  5. Giving him advise when he has not ask for it
  6. Discussing his career or occupation as if you know as much about it as he does
  7. Reminding him you make more money than he does
  8. Admiring a masculine quality in another man
  9. Suggesting he call a repair man when he is trying to repair something
  10. Not paying attention when he is telling you about something of which he is proud
  11. Not praising him when he does something outstandingly well
  12. Telling him he is losing his figure or his hair
  13. Holding yourself up as an example for him to follow
  14. Reminding him of your superior education




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