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Online Dating Etiquette for Men

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Being single and exposed to online dating, I have experienced some awkward situations. These experiences inspired me to share some suggestions that will help men  have a better connection with women.

Dating Profile
Be honest in your profile about who you are, your age, and what kind of relationship you are looking for.  Are you looking for a woman to have a committed relationship with, or just to play?

Photos are powerful, and first impressions count! You can have as many as you want, but have at least one good current close-up picture as your primary image.

When sending a message to the woman you are interested in, introduce yourself and be direct. Say hello and compliment her on whatever you are attracted to about her.  Let her know you are interested in getting to know more about her because you have read her profile and have things in common…..etc. Invite her to read your profile.  Avoid using  short phrases like, “Hello!  How is your day going?” or  “I like you! Hi”!  Using these phrases sounds as if you are not serious in connecting with a woman.

When you get a response back from her, don’t spend too much time emailing back and forth.  Ask her for her phone number to talk to her. This will help you determine whether there is a connection between you, or not. Without a phone conversation early on, you may start to fall for someone who is really not a match for you, and you both will be disappointed and feel you’ve wasted your time.

Call Her
If you have asked for the phone number, CALL HER (keeping your promise to call shows what kind of person you are).  This is your opportunity to connect and find out more about her. Do you feel the chemistry in your energy exchange? Ask her for a date and what her availability is.

Choose the place you want to meet with her
Be in charge of choosing a public place to meet with her, as long as she is comfortable with that.  If something should require you to cancel the date, call her and let her know in advance. Re-schedule the date.  Be on time; it shows consideration for her and her time.

Enjoy your Date
If there is a chemistry connection between you and you want to see her again, let her know during, or at the end of the date. If no connection is felt, be honest and tell her it was a pleasure meeting her, but you are not experiencing the match you are looking for.

Say good-bye
Regardless of the outcome, walk her to the car, or make sure she gets safely to her car. This shows you are a gentleman.


He is simpler than you are

Simple -ManDo you get frustrated because he is not like you? Why does he do things differently than you? It may seem as if he is doing it on purpose to make your life difficult. Yet likely, your man is not trying to drive you crazy. He is different from you and he is a SIMPLE creature. His simplicity is a gift that you can benefit from if you accept him as he is.

Things to keep in mind dealing with your man:

1.    He doesn’t need the same level of emotional maintenance than you do.

2.    He communicates generally straight to the point. Short and concise.

3.    He is focus on what it needs to be done at the moment.

4.    He doesn’t analyze things as much as you do.

5.    He is spontaneous, he can really enjoy having fun at the moment.

6.    He doesn’t take things too seriously.

7.    He has a different sense of time than you do.

Detox your Masculine Energy and Embrace your Feminine energy

Femenine-WomanWomen with Masculine energy are driven for the need to be right and in control. Could this be hurting your relationships or even interfering in partnering with masculine energy men?

Release your masculine energy to be more in tune with your femininity. Women naturally need to feel good in order to do well. It might be uncomfortable to let go of old habits but give it a go and you will feel much better. Make a commitment to nurture your feminine energy first and foremost. The results will be endless.

  1. Be Thankful and Grateful for what you have and who you are
  2. Make feeling good a daily priority
  3. Maintain and Move your Body
  4. Take Dance lessons; through dance you will learn how follow your partner and feel sensual at the same time
  5. Bring Fun into your life though daily Playfulness
  6. Express your Creativity through painting, pottery, jewelry design, candles making, etc
  7. Shop for more feminine, colorful, flowing clothes to add to your wardrobe
  8. Splurge on a fabulous feminine dress maybe one you would not normally wear
  9. Pose for a sexy photo shoot to wake up the sexiness in you
  10. Get pampered at least twice a month; massage, mani-pedi
  11. Smile and laugh more often; laughter supports the immune system, improves blood pressure and stimulates the organs
  12. Let out that inner child and ride a merry-go-round
  13. Be patient and receptive to your partner’s opinions, suggestions and plans even though you know you can do better than him
  14. Be happy, wild and free as you embrace your femininity

Marcia’s 3-3’s of Dating

woman-surrounded-by-menThere is a perfect Partner even if he is not your perfect Man.

Women want someone they feel chemistry towards. Women tend to be selective and want to meet the perfect man not realizing that the opportunity might have slipped away. As my mentor says there are not “right people” there is the “right person for right now”.

3 Reasons why you should date 3 Men for 3 Times even if you are NOT attracted to them.

1.    Release expectations
You feel more comfortable with someone that you are not attracted to. Take this opportunity to unlock your feminine qualities.

2.    Reprimand obsessions
Women tend to obsess when dating one man; becoming impatient, waiting for the phone to ring or to be asked for the next date. Dating three men avoids all of these and boosts your self-esteem. Just by getting ready for your date makes you feel good because your date is giving you attention. Having dates planned keeps you busy and makes you more desirable to other men because you are now not available. Men like challenge. Be open to surprises you just might find you are attracted to one of these men.

3.    Realize yourself
You attract the person who is right for you now. These men are going to reflect your fears, triggers and things that make you feel uncomfortable. Every person that comes into your life is an opportunity to look inside yourself. Remember the teacher always shows up when the student is ready. Working out your issues with people you are not physically attracted to will prepare you to be ready for your perfect partner.

Follow Marcia’s 3-3’s
1.    Date 3 men simultaneously for 3 dates.
2.    No connection after 3 dates, gracefully thank him for his interest, time and generosity.
3.    Men appreciate honesty when expressing your feelings do it with integrity.
4.    Continue dating 3 men for 3 dates!!!

Happy dating journey!

Captivate with your femininity

A man is enchanted by a woman’s charm.  When she  leads  with her womanliness he just can’t resist. In order to captivate with your femininity you need to sharpen the following characteristics:
Being  comfortable with yourself is always attractive. There is nothing more beautiful and feminine than a woman who is confident and centered in her own skin.

Your friendly manner, eye contact and great smile can encourage a man to approach you and easy to engage in conversation.

Speak softly
Softer tone is a feminine body language. A man will hear what a woman has to say when she speaks.

Let yourself to be seen,  open, fun, approachable but be exposed. Being vulnerable is what attracts a man to you and gives him permission to open himself up.

Being considerate involves pausing before automatically responding. Don’t act impulsively. Along with consideration comes patience. Considerate women are more desirable.

You can still be successful even if you are modest.

Playfulness creates a  more joyful state of being. Being “playful” is the most attractive quality a woman can have. Play, have fun, laugh and use your sense of humor.

Happy women are optimistic and inspiring. Happiness is contagious and connects you with others.

Be flattered but still say NO

2-SAYING NOLadies be grateful to whoever asks you for sex as long as he does it courteously and says thank you when you say no.

We all know men have a natural sexual desire. Men are comfortable being with multiple sex partners. Men will go to many lengths to convince you to give him your body – He would even propose if he thought that would work.

Woman, if you want to establish an exclusive, committed relationship with a man say NO to casual sex. Get to know each other, talk with each other, spend time together, have fun and let your friendship flourish first.  Feminine women require commitment and monogamy before she lets a man into her body. Men feel challenged when you say no to his advances. Men want to marry a woman they can predict will not have sex with another men. Maintaining your virtue will give you more power in the relationship.

Have you noticed that after you have sex with someone you just met, you keep thinking about him and become attached to him.  The reason for this is because women produce higher levels of oxytocin. This is a hormone that bonds you to men when intercourse occurs. You think that is love but the reality is not. Masculine men, on the other hand, do not bond through sex. They bond through the commitments they make and keep.

Embrace your virtue and keep your golden nuggets locked until you feel comfortable giving them away to the man who wins your heart and deserves you.


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