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Online Dating Etiquette for Men

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Being single and exposed to online dating, I have experienced some awkward situations. These experiences inspired me to share some suggestions that will help men  have a better connection with women.

Dating Profile
Be honest in your profile about who you are, your age, and what kind of relationship you are looking for.  Are you looking for a woman to have a committed relationship with, or just to play?

Photos are powerful, and first impressions count! You can have as many as you want, but have at least one good current close-up picture as your primary image.

When sending a message to the woman you are interested in, introduce yourself and be direct. Say hello and compliment her on whatever you are attracted to about her.  Let her know you are interested in getting to know more about her because you have read her profile and have things in common…..etc. Invite her to read your profile.  Avoid using  short phrases like, “Hello!  How is your day going?” or  “I like you! Hi”!  Using these phrases sounds as if you are not serious in connecting with a woman.

When you get a response back from her, don’t spend too much time emailing back and forth.  Ask her for her phone number to talk to her. This will help you determine whether there is a connection between you, or not. Without a phone conversation early on, you may start to fall for someone who is really not a match for you, and you both will be disappointed and feel you’ve wasted your time.

Call Her
If you have asked for the phone number, CALL HER (keeping your promise to call shows what kind of person you are).  This is your opportunity to connect and find out more about her. Do you feel the chemistry in your energy exchange? Ask her for a date and what her availability is.

Choose the place you want to meet with her
Be in charge of choosing a public place to meet with her, as long as she is comfortable with that.  If something should require you to cancel the date, call her and let her know in advance. Re-schedule the date.  Be on time; it shows consideration for her and her time.

Enjoy your Date
If there is a chemistry connection between you and you want to see her again, let her know during, or at the end of the date. If no connection is felt, be honest and tell her it was a pleasure meeting her, but you are not experiencing the match you are looking for.

Say good-bye
Regardless of the outcome, walk her to the car, or make sure she gets safely to her car. This shows you are a gentleman.


Online Dating Etiquette for the Feminine Energy Women

woman-online-datingDating can be frustrating ladies! Here are some suggestions that will help you to make the most of it. Remember that online dating is an opportunity to connect with someone and, hopefully, find love.

1. Dating Profile

Write in your profile the exact kind of relationship you are looking for. Mention at the beginning of your profile your feminine qualities, such as playful, affectionate, receptive, fun, etc. You might want to mention your achievements at the end, but in a subtle way. Masculine men want to find a woman to complement them, not to compete with them.

2. Photos

Images tell who you are. Post at least one good, close-up, and current picture. Show pictures in which you are happy and smiling. Full body images are great, especially wearing a dress. Men are visual. They sometimes don’t even read your profile, but they are drawn to your beautiful pictures.

3. Flirting

Online flirting is letting men know you are interested, but without you doing the chase. Wink or favorite the man you want to connect with. If there is not a response from your wink, MOVE on. Do not persist.

4. Message Replying

When receiving messages, always take the time to thank men for their emails and compliments. Men always appreciate that. Engage with them, answer their questions, and flow with the conversation; do not take over.

5. Connection

If there is an interest, a man usually asks you for your phone number. Don’t give it away until you’ve been asked. If he gives you his phone number, reply back to him with your phone number and a note saying that you would love to learn more about him and he is free to call you. He might, or might not call you. Wait!

6. Don’t take things personally

When you are online, you’re exposing yourself. You might receive emails from all kinds of men, older or younger than you. You might get frustrated, but remember that most men don’t read the profiles. They are drawn for the beautiful pictures. They are going to take a risk on you anyway. Be considerate and simply say no thanks, if you’re not interested.

7. Date scheduling

Usually a man will ask you for your availability and time. Let him choose the place you are going to meet. Men are usually considerate and will arrange meet you in a public place. Be yourself, have fun, and display your femininity.


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