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7 Facts About Men

1.  Want to conquer, gain power and success
man fixing a car
2.  Solve problems
Man-power- control
3.  Focus in one result at the time
respect _admiration
4.  Want to be respected
5.  Learn logically
Man falling in love
6.  Fall in love with their eyes
7.  Want specifically

How to get the Best of a Masculine Energy Man


  1.  Never ask him what he feels.
    Masculine energy men have difficulty expressing their feelings in words. Their brain focus on thoughts that lead to actions. They can’t blend both thinking and feelings and still communicate. They act from the left lobe of their brain.
  2. Do not give him advise.
    Masculine energy men are not boys anymore and they don’t need another mother to tell them what to do.  They do what they want to do and if they make a mistake, they learn from it.
  3. Do not nag him.
    If you nag your masculine energy man, his guilt may cause him to become angry and fight with you. If you say nothing, his guilt will cause him to turn on himself, and fight within himself, until he surrenders.
  4. Do not turn him into a wimp.
    The most damaging thing you can do to a masculine energy man is to assume that you can solve his problems with his job, health, taxes, banking, family, ex-wife and kids, etc. Let him take care of all solving his problems.
  5. Do not fight him for power or respect.
    This is a natural quality of masculine energy men. Two people in a relationship that want the same things want equality and do not complement each other. If you want to be respected and have the power in the relationship then a feminine energy (more sensitive) men will complement you as a partner.
  6. Do not try to change him.
    Trying to change a masculine energy man into what you want him to be is acting like a mother. You have the choice to accept him as he is or reject him. So, it is important to give yourself an opportunity to get to know him before you commit to a relationship.
  7. Don’t mix business with marriage.
    In a marriage you complement each other; one being respected for his ideas and one being cherished for her feelings. In business you both are equal; both have the right to opinions, ideas, solutions, etc. If you have a business with your partner make sure you deal with your business at the office and not at home.
  8. Never talk to a masculine energy man without asking him for permission.
    They are single focused. They can’t multitask or engage when doing something else.
  9. Do not talk too much.
    Too much information coming into his brain will cause him to shut down. Men get overwhelmed when they hear too much chatter.

Remember a masculine energy man wants to take care of his ideas and wants. He wants a lover and life’s partner to protect, support and cherish.


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