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4 Reasons Why Men Pull Away From Women

Why-men-pull-awayI interviewed about 20 men, single and married. I asked them what it is that they want more from their partners. Their answer was “space.” Why? Because they felt suffocated by their partners.

According to the experts, it is common for a man to pull away after being deeply connected to a woman. This is actually healthy. The space allows him to reconnect with himself.  So, the more space he has to pull away, the faster he can bounce back, and the more excited and ready he can be to spend time with his partner.

Here the reasons men pull away:

  1. Men need to regain their sense of self with the “me” state.
  2. Men need to re-energized
  3. Men desire autonomy and independence. This is part of what makes them men!
  4. Men need time to process their feelings when they are falling in love with a woman

Remember, a man is likely to approach you, ready for more love, if you can respect his “time away.”



6 Things That Men Want In A Woman

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1. Acknowledgement of his efforts

When she acknowledges her man in some small way for his efforts, it melts his heart and makes him want to do more things for her. He wants to make her happy.

2. A strong sense of respect

To a man, respect means being treated by her as though she thinks highly of him. He wants to feel as if she looks to him as a hero, protector, leader, capable, competent, and reliable provider.

3. Support

A man wants a woman who is on his side, supporting him without any judgments. When he feels supported he will succeed and accomplished anything. He wants to be the best man he can be.

4. Space “Alone time”

A man has a strong desire for autonomy and independence. This is part of what makes him a man.  He doesn’t want her to resent him when he asks for space. The space allows him to come back to his sense of self, so he can reengage with her in a solid way. This also will strengthen the relationship.

5. A confident woman

A man wants a confident woman with her own sense of purpose, a woman who has her own life and interests that she enjoys, with or without him.  She knows that they will come together to enhance each other’s lives.

6. Physical affection both sexual and nonsexual

A man wants a physical connection with a woman, such as touching, hand-holding, kissing, walking arm in arm, or her head resting on his shoulder.  These make him feel like he’s one with her, and protecting her from harm. He also wants sex, which helps move him into a deeper connection with all of his emotional wants and needs.


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