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How to Engage and Flow in your Communication with a Woman

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“Communication is like dancing a waltz: one leads and the other follows. The communication  flows effortlessly”.

In one of my seminars a man told me, “I have been going out on dates with women, but it seems that the communication doesn’t go anywhere.”

I advised men that if they want to power up their masculine energy, they should take charge and lead when they communicate with women.  Here are two examples I have experienced with men:

Example 1 (I was at the gym, and “Mr. O” approached me.)
Mr O:  Hello, how are you?
Me:  I am doing well, thanks for asking. How are you?
Mr O:  Good! I always see you working out. You inspire me.
Me: I take that as a compliment, thank you!
Mr O:  Nice talking to you. Have a good workout.
Me:  Thanks, you too.

Example 2 (I arrived at a Singles event, when “Mr. B” spotted me and walked toward me to introduce himself.)
Mr B:  I am Mr B., and you are?
Me:  I am Marcia, pleasure meeting you.
Mr B:  I hear you have a cute accent. Where are you from?
Me:  Thanks for the compliment! I am from Ecuador.
Mr B:  People from Ecuador are very friendly, and it is a beautiful country.
Me:  Yes, we are friendly people. Have you been to Ecuador?
Mr B:  No, but I have read about it, seen pictures, and I have good friends from Ecuador.

The conversation with Mr. O didn’t go anywhere. He never asked me personal or specific questions. However, the conversation with Mr. B continued and flowed easily, and we had the opportunity to get to know about each other. He kept leading the conversation and asking me personal questions. We ended up going out a few times.
Men remember, if you are interested in a romantic relationship with a woman, take charge of leading the conversation. Ask specific questions you want to know about the woman, such as, “Did you do anything fun over the weekend?”  (not “How was your weekend?”) and engage her in the conversation.




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