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7 Facts About Women

Couple giving two young children piggyback rides smiling
1.  Desire status and family
2.  Need her problems to be hear
woman -reading-talking-working
3.   Multitask
woman being cherished
4.  Require to be cherished
5.  Learn experientially
6. Fall in love with their ears
Woman doesn's know what she wants
7.  Find out what they want knowing
what they don’t want

Have You Ever Been Misunderstood by Your Partner?



How many times have you gotten frustrated with your man, because he doesn’t understand what you want.  You get impatient and emotional.

Here some tips that will help you to communicate effectively and ask for what you want:

  1. Get clear on what you want to ask.  Women find out what they want by knowing what they don’t want.
  2. Be direct and ask for what you want. He might say yes or no to your request.
  3. Listen to his response. He will be more connected to you when you are listening.
  4. Don’t react to an answer you don’t want to hear.
  5. Negotiate with words until you both agree to something mutually beneficial.
  6. State how you feel about the decision or solution. “I feel sad because”… or “I feel happy because …”

Remember, communication is very important in a relationship.  It helps by creating a connection between partners. It enables you to share ideas, interests, support each other and negotiate each other’s wants and needs. Good communication actually helps in building a proper understanding in the relationship.

4 Reasons Why Men Pull Away From Women

Why-men-pull-awayI interviewed about 20 men, single and married. I asked them what it is that they want more from their partners. Their answer was “space.” Why? Because they felt suffocated by their partners.

According to the experts, it is common for a man to pull away after being deeply connected to a woman. This is actually healthy. The space allows him to reconnect with himself.  So, the more space he has to pull away, the faster he can bounce back, and the more excited and ready he can be to spend time with his partner.

Here the reasons men pull away:

  1. Men need to regain their sense of self with the “me” state.
  2. Men need to re-energized
  3. Men desire autonomy and independence. This is part of what makes them men!
  4. Men need time to process their feelings when they are falling in love with a woman

Remember, a man is likely to approach you, ready for more love, if you can respect his “time away.”


Keep the gifts to keep on giving



Is this romance or hook up?

Hooking upHooking up is a trend – a big trend that is growing and if we don’t seriously look at what is about, we will lose our values of what intimacy really means.   You have the power to choose whether or not to hook-up. Courtship, dating and romance aren’t dead they are alive and kicking but those who hook-up don’t value the traditions and process of finding love in the right places and the right way. Before you hook up think about the risks you are getting into.

1.    Hooking up requires neither commitment nor communication especially from men but time is showing that woman are accepting of this “NEW” connection.

2.    Sexual encounters are fun just without any romance or a future

3.    Multiple partners and encounters without intimate connection

4.    By nature Women get emotionally attached to a man and hooking up is not fulfilling this need

5.    Hook ups are irresponsible and tend to bring more freedom for men

6.    Hook-ups are often drug and alcohol induced so partner are impaired from knowing the dangers

7.    Long term affairs without a future of commitment

8.    Men and women are turning into narcissist people

9.    Not valuing your body might lead to sexually transmitted diseases

Stand up and shift this trend by saying NO to hook-ups. Maintain your standards of how you want to be treated by your partner. There still are ladies and gentlemen out there so don’t cut yourself short and accept something that is only fulfilling (maybe) during the encounter.

Is this the End of Wooing?

Technology has taken romance, relationships and courtship to another level. It has turned us into a society incasing each of us in our own little bubble. However, we don’t have to lose our values.  As a society it is our responsibility to make sure the future generations know the value of communication in establishing a relationship and connection.

Just because your peers are accepting this new romance, doesn’t mean it will give you happiness. Connecting with another human requires face to face conversation to develop the connection on an emotional and physical level. Without the human contact, intimacy can’t bring you pleasure because you have no connection on any other level than physical.

Image walking down isle to get marry to the man of your dreams that you never talked to directly and have never spent any quality time.


Never Date without displaying your Femininity

women-in-red-dressMen are drawn to feminine charm so overwhelm their senses by looking good, smelling good and feeling good. Men are visual creatures and you must trigger his attention by tantalizing him his eyes.

Marcia’s Take it up a Notch

1.    Put your High Heels on
Accentuate your figure and show off curves. Dressing more feminine requires special attention to body, shape, clothing style and color. Wear bright colors that you like and make you feel comfortable. Stay away from dark colors stand out amongst the crowd.
Stimulate wearing a flowing dress and high heels. High Heels enhance your femininity. Even if you prefer jeans, spice it up a colorful soft material top or scarf and  accessories don’t forget to wear high heels.

2.    Enhance what you Got
Wearing makeup will enhance your features; eyes, lashes, lips and cheekbones. Even if you are not use to wearing makeup apply subtlety to brighten up your face with a healthy glow.

3.    Must do Hair do
Make sure your hair is clean, styled and soft to the touch. If you have long hair, wear it down flowing around your shoulders. If you hair is short smooth it out and let it be loose.

4.    Engage his look
Show interest and flirt maintaining eye contact for 5 seconds and smile. You’re just letting him know you are pursuable (up for the hunt) and will make it safe for him to approach you.

5.    Flow as you Go
Guys get nervous when approaching a woman, so he will probably say something that doesn’t make sense. Gently flow with the conversation anyway. Use humor to break the ice and give yourselves an opportunity to connect.

Marcia’s 3-3’s of Dating

woman-surrounded-by-menThere is a perfect Partner even if he is not your perfect Man.

Women want someone they feel chemistry towards. Women tend to be selective and want to meet the perfect man not realizing that the opportunity might have slipped away. As my mentor says there are not “right people” there is the “right person for right now”.

3 Reasons why you should date 3 Men for 3 Times even if you are NOT attracted to them.

1.    Release expectations
You feel more comfortable with someone that you are not attracted to. Take this opportunity to unlock your feminine qualities.

2.    Reprimand obsessions
Women tend to obsess when dating one man; becoming impatient, waiting for the phone to ring or to be asked for the next date. Dating three men avoids all of these and boosts your self-esteem. Just by getting ready for your date makes you feel good because your date is giving you attention. Having dates planned keeps you busy and makes you more desirable to other men because you are now not available. Men like challenge. Be open to surprises you just might find you are attracted to one of these men.

3.    Realize yourself
You attract the person who is right for you now. These men are going to reflect your fears, triggers and things that make you feel uncomfortable. Every person that comes into your life is an opportunity to look inside yourself. Remember the teacher always shows up when the student is ready. Working out your issues with people you are not physically attracted to will prepare you to be ready for your perfect partner.

Follow Marcia’s 3-3’s
1.    Date 3 men simultaneously for 3 dates.
2.    No connection after 3 dates, gracefully thank him for his interest, time and generosity.
3.    Men appreciate honesty when expressing your feelings do it with integrity.
4.    Continue dating 3 men for 3 dates!!!

Happy dating journey!

Captivate with your femininity

A man is enchanted by a woman’s charm.  When she  leads  with her womanliness he just can’t resist. In order to captivate with your femininity you need to sharpen the following characteristics:
Being  comfortable with yourself is always attractive. There is nothing more beautiful and feminine than a woman who is confident and centered in her own skin.

Your friendly manner, eye contact and great smile can encourage a man to approach you and easy to engage in conversation.

Speak softly
Softer tone is a feminine body language. A man will hear what a woman has to say when she speaks.

Let yourself to be seen,  open, fun, approachable but be exposed. Being vulnerable is what attracts a man to you and gives him permission to open himself up.

Being considerate involves pausing before automatically responding. Don’t act impulsively. Along with consideration comes patience. Considerate women are more desirable.

You can still be successful even if you are modest.

Playfulness creates a  more joyful state of being. Being “playful” is the most attractive quality a woman can have. Play, have fun, laugh and use your sense of humor.

Happy women are optimistic and inspiring. Happiness is contagious and connects you with others.

How to get the Best of a Masculine Energy Man


  1.  Never ask him what he feels.
    Masculine energy men have difficulty expressing their feelings in words. Their brain focus on thoughts that lead to actions. They can’t blend both thinking and feelings and still communicate. They act from the left lobe of their brain.
  2. Do not give him advise.
    Masculine energy men are not boys anymore and they don’t need another mother to tell them what to do.  They do what they want to do and if they make a mistake, they learn from it.
  3. Do not nag him.
    If you nag your masculine energy man, his guilt may cause him to become angry and fight with you. If you say nothing, his guilt will cause him to turn on himself, and fight within himself, until he surrenders.
  4. Do not turn him into a wimp.
    The most damaging thing you can do to a masculine energy man is to assume that you can solve his problems with his job, health, taxes, banking, family, ex-wife and kids, etc. Let him take care of all solving his problems.
  5. Do not fight him for power or respect.
    This is a natural quality of masculine energy men. Two people in a relationship that want the same things want equality and do not complement each other. If you want to be respected and have the power in the relationship then a feminine energy (more sensitive) men will complement you as a partner.
  6. Do not try to change him.
    Trying to change a masculine energy man into what you want him to be is acting like a mother. You have the choice to accept him as he is or reject him. So, it is important to give yourself an opportunity to get to know him before you commit to a relationship.
  7. Don’t mix business with marriage.
    In a marriage you complement each other; one being respected for his ideas and one being cherished for her feelings. In business you both are equal; both have the right to opinions, ideas, solutions, etc. If you have a business with your partner make sure you deal with your business at the office and not at home.
  8. Never talk to a masculine energy man without asking him for permission.
    They are single focused. They can’t multitask or engage when doing something else.
  9. Do not talk too much.
    Too much information coming into his brain will cause him to shut down. Men get overwhelmed when they hear too much chatter.

Remember a masculine energy man wants to take care of his ideas and wants. He wants a lover and life’s partner to protect, support and cherish.


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